Greenlawns High School, Warden Road

Event for Specially Abled people

Date: 17/04/2023

Greenlawns reaching out to the Specially Abled

The principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz has yet again displayed a gargantuan heart. On 13th April, 2023 the principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz had invited Specially Abled children and adults in order to donate to them eleven wheelchairs, three walkers and three sewing machines. The sewing machines were donated to the Specially Abled in order to teach them a skill which will help them to earn a living and become self-reliant as per the teachings of our Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Modi who coined the phrase, “Atmanirbhar

The group of Specially Abled individuals were treated to a scrumptious breakfast that was served to them by the students of Greenlawns.

The students with the help of their respective class teachers conducted class canteens. The amount collected from these canteens is used for charitable causes such as helping the Specially Abled.

The principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz exhorted the value of appreciating the fact that we were born physically perfect. She said that we had a responsibility to the Specially Abled to help them by giving them the necessary devices which could help them to lead qualitative here for more photos

She added that those who were given much, much was expected from them. She also said that teaching our students to be sensitive and empathetic towards the Specially Abled was crucial

Greenlawns High School, Warden Road


Date: 04/04/2023

Greenlawns High School, Warden Road

Taekwondo class

Date: 13/03/2023

Students in action at the Elite Taewondo class held on every Saturday in the school premises.